About Us - Bulford

Bulford Garrison Church

The Garrison Church of St George Bulford is a traditional and beautiful church building. It has always been popular for weddings and baptisms with its open and light interior containing beautiful stained glass windows. St George’s contains many memorials to those who have served including those who have fallen in recent operations.

For some time St George’s has not been used for regular Sunday worship, however from September 2015 we intend to start weekly Sunday morning services at 1030am. We hope to reflect the tradition and beauty of St George’s in our worship. The Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, will be celebrated each week following Jesus’ command to ‘do this in remembrance of me’. We anticipate families worshipping together and will have toys and activities for children.

St George’s is a wonderful place of prayer and tranquillity and it is our intention to open the church during the week so that anyone who wishes can come and spend time in prayerful reflection.  Candles are available for those who wish to light one as a physical symbol of a prayer offered in this holy space.

From Sunday 6th September please do come and join us as together we seek to worship God with reverence and generosity of heart and spirit.

Everybody is welcome at St George’s.