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Verse for the day;

Welcome to the website of the Army Garrison Churches on Salisbury Plain, covering Tidworth, Bulford, Perham Down, Larkhill and Warminster.

Garrison Churches exist for the spiritual, moral and pastoral care of the military community, including serving members, veterans, service families, MOD employees and anyone else who wants to attend. All are very welcome!

The services are led by Army Chaplains who are ordained ministers from a variety of different mainstream Christian denominations. Each of the 6 churches on Salisbury plain have a different feel, but dependant on the chaplain leading the service, providing a refreshing breadth of experience and approach.

On this website you will be able to find details of where and when worship services and midweek meetings will be happening, what the different churches are like, who to contact, and where to find help.

We hope this gateway will be useful in enabling you to come and meet with us in person.

God bless.

Deputy Assistant Chaplain General.